CN Workers on Strike

Just a couple of quick and dirty facts about the financial health of CN.

According to the Report on Business CN is the 34th largest employer in Canada with 21, 540 employees. Their reported revenue per employee was $333,676 and their reported profit per employee was a whopping $74,420; making CN one of the top ten most profitable companies per employee of the top 50 employers in Canada. On a profit, after tax basis, CN is 19th largest company in Canada.

Who can blame workers for wantng their share of the largesse? Equity holders perhaps. Good thing they have the Cons to back them up.

3 thoughts on “CN Workers on Strike

  1. What does it matter? I would very happy with CEOs wage.

    The numbers tell you that whatever their wage, CN makes an after tax profit of $74,000 per worker. Now a portion of that can either go to shareholders or workers. How do you know the marginal product of labour has not increased?

  2. good thing they have the Cons on board…. privatizing that barley board and eventually the CWB will surely help that after tax profit figure blossom into the six digit figures as farmers are forced to negotiate their own individual transportation fees.


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