Manitoba Election: PC’s Kyoto-Like Green Policy

The Progressive Conservatives have set the bar high this election cycle with the announcement of a major environmental policy. I quote their press release:

“We’ve already rewarded Manitobans who choose fuel efficient cars with a 3% PST rebate,” said the PC Manitoba Leader. “Today, we’re taking our commitment to environmentally-friendly transportation one step further by getting rid of the PST on all bicycles, whether it’s for a serious cyclist or a child learning on a bike with training wheels.”

It seems like the PCs have found the magic environmental bullet. Combined with their announcement of more bike lanes, can you think of a farther reaching plan to reduce emissions AND make Manitoba a better place to live? Let me take a stab at the new average family’s after-dinner conversation:

Child: Mom, time to go to ballet class.
Mom: Thanks to Mr. McFadyen’s removal of the PST on bikes, we were able to afford a bike for each member of the family! Now we only have to use cars for 98% of our transportation.
Child: Wow! Thanks Hugh! I wish I could vote!

Hugh, your work has truly put the “progressive” in the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba.


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