Toronto Sun Finds New Low

Usually when we talk about racism in the media, we refer to subtle undertones. Luckily, the Toronto Sun ensures that it’s readers don’t have to read in between the lines:

Natives growing restless

OTTAWA — Unbowed by federal government threats to cut funding, First Nations across the country continue to make plans for a one-day shut down of the railway system that could spread into weeks.

Relations with the federal government have soured since Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s budget ignored demands to make First Nations poverty a priority.

Things weren’t helped this weekend after it surfaced that the Canadian military labelled the Mohawk Warrior Society and radical native groups as “insurgents” in a draft anti-guerrilla field manual obtained by Sun Media and another news organization.

Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor’s office issued a statement Saturday saying native groups would not be included in the final version of the manual.


Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice’s aggressive stance on First Nations demands have pushed relations to a new level of acrimony.

Read the entire article here. The actual contents of the article are, for the Toronto Sun, relatively critical. I’m guessing it was at the editing/print stage that the overtly racist headline was inserted. Then the word “agressive” was placed as a heading to the fourth paragraph. I would suggest that this was meant for those who quickly glance at the article to think, “those natives are aggressive – they should calm down”. But the article was actually referring to Jim Prentice’s “aggressiveness”, not those pesky aboriginals’.

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