The NDP’s populist platform?

The NDP has a chance to make inroads in urban and rural ridings across the country, steal votes away from Liberal and Conservative voters, all while staying true to the party core ideals: make “consumer rights” an election issue. There are concerns shared by Canadians from coast-to-coast: privatized health care, child poverty, degrading environment, and less funding for public education to name a few. But what about uncompetitive telephone, cable, and internet services? Most have a bad Rogers, Bell, or Telus story, and can identify directly with the issue. More importantly, it fits into the party’s legitimate criticism that big business is profiting at the hands of workers and citizen/consumers. From an election strategy perspective, I see this as a way to grab voters attention, earn their trust as a good advocate, and serve as a springboard to the party’s core issues. A simple “Getting Results for People” message.

The NDP has taken the first step with their clever gas prices campaign — but there is more gauging than just at the pumps.


One thought on “The NDP’s populist platform?

  1. I have to disagree with the NDP tactics, even though I am an avid NDP supporter. Sure the oil companies make absurd profits, but only because the consumer keeps letting them. If Canadians would learn to be less reliant on gasoline, it would be a moot point. We have been absurdly spoiled by cheap energy in Canada. Head off to Britain some day and check out the gasoline prices there. Yeah, it is about 1.1 per litre too, but 1.1 British pounds, which works out to about $2.40 CDN. Instead of bitching and complaining about excessive corporate profits, why don’t we flip them the collective bird and quit using so much damn petrol?

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