Hey Dalton do you think you could display your desperate hand any more blithely? Can you really find nothing in the agreement that you would like to see improved? You would be against strengthening labour rights in the agreement? You would be against strengthening environmental protection? You would be against including soft wood? You would be against dealing with US agricultural subsidies? You can’t think of one thing you would want to see improved in NAFTA?

And if you really can’t, and if you really just want to keep the deal as is, and you really believe either of the two democratic clowns would actually renegotiate NAFTA, why would you write an article in the FT displaying just how desperate your position is if you sincerely believe Canada might have to sit at the negotiating table in the future?

It is one thing to be governed by evil men, it is quite another to be ruled by fools–to paraphrase Plato.

I think foreign trade falls under federal jurisdiction best you keep to your provincial bailiwick.


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