Minority would be a Disaster for the Conservatives

Travis Fast
There is an idea haunting the Canadian political blog sphere that a minority is as good as a majority for the conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Having contravened their own stated intent to stick to a fixed election date, having claimed it was because they did not have the support of the house even though there was no formal defeat in the house, and having justified it all in the name of getting a clear mandate from the electorate a minority win would indeed be worse than a defeat.

Not only would the conservatives be stuck with a minority they would not be able to cry about it as it would clearly reflect the desire of the people.  It will be that much more difficult for the conservatives to craft legislation that does not meet a minimum consensus of the house.  If they deliberately provoke the opposition they will be forced to send Canadians back to the polls.  What is more, the Liberals would be in a strong position constitutionally or otherwise to inform the Governor General that they have the intention to govern with the consent of the house.  The conservatives would then be forced into the opposition and the liberals would regain the power of the purse.

This time around, in a minority parliament, the Cons will find themselves highly restrained with an opposition even more committed to wringing concessions out of them.

One thought on “Minority would be a Disaster for the Conservatives

  1. minority or majority, this will be the last election the Conservatives win in a while. Not long after they come to power, public opinion will turn against them when their ineptitude in dealing with environmental and economic issues becomes more obvious. Then, assuming the Liberals haven’t yet reclaimed their party from infighting and insecurity, the NDP will be poised to make a big move.

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