This election gets more Bizzare by the day

Travis Fast

On the day the markets melt down for like the 4th or fifth time this year the PM states that:

“My own belief is if we were going to have some kind of big crash or recession, we probably would have had it by now.”

Problem is he has never once conceded there was a problem.  So his own belief is that there is no problem and any evidence to the contrary including his own dismal productivity record is simply ignored.  That the press is letting him get away with this is a shame.   Anyway I suspect Harper has read the tale of Nero but just does not get why Nero is not the hero of the story.

As I said elswhere:

If Harper could not steer the economy when the river was filled with liquid gold how is he going to do it any better when the river is filled with liquid manure?

But enough about the Cons and their rudderless leader.

Apparently the limited brain trust at Liberal inc. thinks that it is a bright idea to send Rae around with Dion.  Some liberals call this the “Palin Strategy” –without a hint of irony in their prose.  First, I am not sure who should be more offended Palin or Rae.  Second what is the strategy here? Rae can help tank the liberal numbers in Ontario and Dion can help tank the party’s number in Québec.   I suppose the eventual winner from this strategy is going to to be Ignatieff in another election.


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