Enough already: let them run on their past actions and words

I am sure my head is going to blow up if I read one more story about this election where such and such candidate is being asked to resign for something they said or did in the past.  Let the voters in that riding decide.  Furthermore, letting fringe actions / ideas out in the open for debate is for the most part a good thing.  They can be debated and where in serious error corrected.

If such and such a riding wants to elect a former or existing streaker, stoner, conspiracy theorist, potty mouth, eccentric, borderline racist etc., that is their business.  We have had Prime ministers that talked to their dogs and gotten policy advice from fortune tellers.  We have a sitting Premier of a province who was busted for drinking and driving a SUV well on vacation in Hawaii.  To be human is to err and it takes all kinds to make a democracy go around.  Enough with the moral panicsters and the politeness police.

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