My cat died today: Warning dark humor

I got back from the university this afternoon to discover that my two month old kitten was in the process of dying.  Called the veterinarian and described the symptoms: vet said you are right your kitty is dying.  You have two choices.  You can wait it out with your kitten for the next two to eight hours or you can bring your kitten in and we can put it down for you.  This put me in a dilemma.  What should I do?  I had three options.  (1) Take the cat to the vet: cost three hours + fee. (2) Stay with the cat and try to make him as comfortable as possible until he died: cost 2-8 hours. (3) Or ignore the cat altogether, do my work and let him die alone and dispose of him later: cost 0 hours, cold heart.

Ranking of choices in order of efficiency assuming my time is worth something:

3, 1,  2.  I choose 2.  Clearly, I am not suited to a leadership role.


6 thoughts on “My cat died today: Warning dark humor

  1. I think (never really know until it happens to you) I would have choosen 2 as well, to stay with the little one and give it what comfort you could.

    It must have been a very difficult day – my condolences.

  2. Travis, my heart is with you.

    It’s always hard to know what to do, but I believe that we nose these things out if we really care about the critturs, human and otherwise, that we love.

    To hold someone privately for 8 hours as s/he leaves — priceless kindness. To stop a much longer agony by going to the vet — also priceless kindness. Love knows; it just does.

    I’ll think of you and your kitten tonight.

  3. I’m so sorry that your kitten died. I have done (1) and not by choice (it just a question of timing with a dramatic turn for the worse) and (2) emotionally painful to make the decision but far less horrifying than (1).

    Poor little thing. How anyone could choose (3) just doesn’t compute. Heh, maybe that’s a question for the debate — which options would our dear leaders choose.

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