Open Thread: Steven Harper, he gone.

Duffy was almost in tears this afternoon when doing the pre-show “analyses” for CTV today.  In fact their whole news room looked like somebody just died.  C’est votre hiver mes amis.


6 thoughts on “Open Thread: Steven Harper, he gone.

  1. Meanwhile, on the CBC, things are calm and collected. Important and balanced questions are being asked of Liberal and NDP MPs. I’m sure if they could corner a Harperite they’d also be polite and seek some answers – that’s if their heads are not bitten off first.

  2. Watching the Cons during question period was amusing. A couple of things. First, I am certain that the Cons are going to continue to try to paint this as a constitutional crisis.

    Second, I would be surprised if the GG sided with the cons on the necessity of an election. The GG is free to take advice from other parliamentary jurisdictions and it is pretty clear that if there is a willing coalition in the wings an election is not necessary. This strikes me as especially the case since after two tries for a majority the Cons have not been granted a majoritarian mandate to govern.

    But aside from all that there is the basic parliamentary principle that the executive serves at the leisure of the house. As one commentator said this evening: They should have at least made peace with one of the opposition parties given their minority status.

  3. It’s done. Harper will step down or face reality in the next day or so. There will be no prorogue, or a demand for an election. Duffy and the NPost will huff and puff and then settle into their usual right wing bs. The Conservative base will kick and scream but it won’t come to anything. The opposition is too far ahead in the game and has full momentum. The “mood has change” as Don Newman said earlier.

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