Open Rant: This Jack-Ass is done for the Year

Well CanWest global has finished the year as a penny stock but then that is what you get for trying to sell a newspaper that people will only take for free and only read it if it is the only thing West-Jet will offer you.  Yes sadly I find the National post just a little more entertaining, but never more enlightening, then the pass the toilet paper over your head parlour game adjudicated by the ever so cheery flight attendants.  You know the ones: they look and sound as though they just stepped out of a Human Resource Management drink the cool-aid seminar.  If any group of workers ever needed a union it is surely those poor bastards.

Luckily, this year, I will avoid both CanWest and West-Jet.  I have other plans.  So thanks to all the real haters out there and just remember around the Christmas table: no justice, no family peace.  Good luck.

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