Reading Capital with David Harvey

Like most of the classic tombs *tomes* in philosophy, and later political economy and sociology Capital is a challenging read.   One must have some background in philosophy and some background in classical economics to even begin to penetrate this text.  Fortunately, David Harvey has put together an open on line reading course complete with lectures for each chapter.

Start here

So no excuses. Go buy or download a copy of Capital, read a chapter or two a week and then download the relevant lecture.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Reading Capital with David Harvey

  1. Oh boy! Now when I get tongue-tied trying to explain exploitation, I can refer the lazier ie the ones who won’t read the relevant quotes of my interlocutors to Harvey! Thanks, Travis.

    BTW, I sincerely hope “Like most of the classic tombs in philosophy” _wasn’t_ a Freudian slip . . . .

  2. I have always struggled with spelling and I have the grade three report card to prove it. You should see me in French even worse. I jested with my graduate students that if I could correct their spelling they were in really bad shape. Yes *tomes.*

    But more seriously an online free reading course with Harvey, for whatever quibbles I may have with his presentation makes for a good introduction to what Capital is and is not about. And in the contemporary academy where a course on capital one is pretty much verboten it is nice to have a resource to direct the courageous towards. That said I listened to the first two lectures and I have to say that Cambridge format just put me to sleep.

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