Scrap or Reform the long gun Registry?

Wow I can’t believe I wrote that.  Sorry but I do believe it.  Pistols, automatics, semi-auto-assault rifles sure why not?  Those class of weapons are already so well regulated that asking those without permission to own them yet register them is like asking a coke dealer to declare how many kilos he or she has on hand.  Criminals don’t register guns, coke, stolen merchandise or any other sundry tool or profit of the trade.  Making it a criminal offence not to register a .22 rifle is just silly.  Heck even making people register a .22 is ridiculous.

But to be constructive here is the one way in which I would support a long gun registry.  First, the owner can register the long gun without possessing a PAL.  Second the long gun registry is not cross linked to the PAL system.  Third, once registered the certificate is good for life, i.e., never has to be renewed.  Fourth, if the long gun is sold the registry must be notified and the seller must confirm that the buyer has a valid PAL.


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