Why is EI different than unconventional monetary policy?

Apparently because bankers are more trustworthy than the newly unemployed.  I would call it irony but that would require a sense of naïveté that even Pollyanna could not manage. So these days we have monetary authorities contemplating negative interest rates but we are suppose to get our collective skirts in a knot over whether or not some workers might take advantage of a relaxed EI system.  So let me get this straight 20,000 workers bilking the system for a billion dollars is a moral outrage but five banks bilking the system for untold billions is good policy?

Monty Python comes to mind. To wit: “who is the king around here?” Demands the newly arrived aristocrat.  Oh “that is simple” says the peasant.  “He would be the one with out shit on him.”

Why don’t you ladies (ahem and gentlemen) finally go to bed?

2 thoughts on “Why is EI different than unconventional monetary policy?

  1. I stand chastened and politically corrected. I would say that indeed was not very classy of me but that would be classist (sp?)

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