to coalesce or not coalesce: much to do about nothing

First to define terms:

coalesce [koh-a-less]

[-lescing, -lesced] to unite or come together in one body or mass [Latin co- together + alescere to increase]
coalescence n
coalescent adj


Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006 © HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006

Second, what are they pouring on their morning cereal over at the Globe and Mail?  Winge winge winge.  Sorry ladies and gentlemen coalition politics is minority government politics.  Relying on the support of two smaller parties makes no difference than relying on the support of on larger one.  What counts is a plurality of votes on major legislation, money bills and confidence motions.  Full stop.

It is really quite disquieting to watch the G&M deliberately attempt to mislead Canadians about the parliamentary system.  Yes should there be an election and should both the liberals and Cons be in minority positions 9in the sense they both have large but not an outright majority of seats) they are both free to shop around and see if they can get a plurality of support in the house. Live with it.  There is nothing untoward about any of this.  The Globe should simply be telling Canadians this is the reality of our political system and that at election time they should keep it mind.

There are way more important issues to talk about than this non-issue side-show.  But then maybe that is why the Globe is pushing it.

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