Belief in Global Warming is being like a Marxist: You read it in the Wall Street Journal First

Part of the genius of Marxism, and a reason for its enduring appeal, is that it fed man’s neurotic fear of social catastrophe while providing an avenue for moral transcendence. It’s just the same with global warming….


That is genius.  Worrying about how humans organize themselves into ultimately counter-productive and anti-social  systems and then suggesting that none of it is natural and that we ought to do something about it is just crazy and apparently the hallmark of religious thinking.  But hey we have naturalized the state failure–market failure–state failure  cycle why not global warming too?  Rinse and repeat.


One thought on “Belief in Global Warming is being like a Marxist: You read it in the Wall Street Journal First

  1. You criticise Marx’s doom prediction but did not appriciate his cracking the DNA of the economic man and his discovery of the laws of development of human societies through the process of production, distribution, exchange and consumption. If the tragectory of development did not exactly coincide with his prediction of revolution with the inevitable colapse of Capitalism, then we have to wait for history to zig-zag its way to its ultimate resolution. In the mean time, I think, with Capitlists having understood Das Capital better than the Communist comarades, have managed their system immaginatively and have therby prolonged their appetite for profiteering sucessfully. However some sort of socialism was made inevitable. Thanks to Marx. In the same way Global Warming warnings may lead to some good, turn some heads saner. Some gain is made for many although few will pocket some money.
    G Rajasekaran

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