Gun Registry Gone: Good Lesson in Lack of political Imagination

Some months ago I wrote about what I found problematic with the dogmatic proposition that the existing long gun registry was all good.  Any opposition party could have introduced a private member’s bill which amended  the existing legislation in three ways:

One: Abolish registration fees.  If registering long guns is a public good than it should be paid for by everyone

Two: Abolish renewal:  Once registered long guns are registered for life with two caveats.  When the owner moves he or she needs to notify the registry of their new address.  In the event of sale the seller must notify the registry and send the contact details of the buyer. The existing legislation does not require renewal of certificates. Last time I take the say-so of the anti-registration camp.  Always verify with primary sources where possible.

Three:  exempt .22.  One already needs a PAL to own one and registration of this hobby riffle is simply too extreme (unless of course someone can show me the violent crime stats for .22 rifles).

Condition one effectively kills the too onerous argument.

Condition two kills the tax grab argument.

Condition three demonstrates a minimal knowledge of arms.

But of course long gun registration became mothers milk and anyone talking against it was put in the Nestle camp.  Maybe the opposition parties will learn how to deal with *easy* wedge issues someday, but I am not holding my breath.


7 thoughts on “Gun Registry Gone: Good Lesson in Lack of political Imagination

  1. I would have supported that legislation. Unfortunately, that was not on offer. The opposition parties have handed the anti-gun control forces a huge victory because they lacked the good sense to introduce their own legislation along the lines of the one you suggest.

  2. It is odd. It is not like gun control is like abortion or the death penalty–ie all or nothing. But somehow the progressives got suckered into an all or nothing position. I can’t figure it out. For the Blocs sake I hope nationalism trumps their position on *federal* gun control. I can just imagine a clever Tory add for the next election.

    • Suckered into an all or nothing position? They want to rid the country of the useless and money eating LONG GUN REGISTRY.
      Stop listening to the discredited wendy cukier and you might start to understand that the stringent licence requirement will not change and the long standing HANDGUN REGISTRY(in place since 1934) will stay in place.
      Conservatives have never said ANYTHING about abolishing licencing. The registry is not gun control, its a useless database of property owned by people who already showed they are law abiding and trustworthy citizens.

  3. “Abolish registration fees. If registering long guns is a public good than it should be paid for by everyone”

    But there in lie the rub. Every study by the justice department has concluded that the cost is ruinous and in fact has a negative impact on public safety.

    You also ignore the fact that the law was enacted unlawfully.

    You have not explained why we need to register in the first place? Why does the Government need to know?

    Name one crime that the registry has solved?
    Name one crime that the registry has prevented?

    Explain to us unwashed hillbillies and rednecks how a piece of paper prevents a violent crime?

    Explain to us why a “BAD GUY” Would tell authorities that they have a gun, if they intend to commit a crime using it?

    Justify the cost involved, when in actual fact the registry is queried 19 times per day for actual firearm registration information. (last quote from Wendy Cukier has police querying it 10 500 times a day, earlier this year she quoted 9 400 times a day)
    even still doesn’t justify the costs.

    CAPC say they need it? hmmm they originally said they didn’t but oddly enough when they secured the promise of a national DNA registry they threw their endorsement in. Shall we also not mention that CAPC is a lobby group who received a $200 000 donation from the CGI group? CGI was one of the registry contractors.

    Oh right the front line police officers need it. Funny they sure don’t trust it though..Police in States don’t have a registry yet seem to manage alright.

    Police have a very difficult time obtaining a search warrant for a drug dealers home, yet one phone call and they can turn a law abiding citizens home upside down..How do you justify that?

    Now here is a tough question, How does gun control control crime? How does the actions of an insane person justify the stripping of anyone’s rights?

    The Mantra of supporters of the registry always fall back on “If it saves one life” so if it fails to save a life should we not scrap it?

    How about the “we register cars” canard? I only wish the gun registry were like the vehicle registry.
    but if the car registry were like the firearms registry you wouldn’t be singing its praises…

    The non firearm owning public who support the registry have no skin in the game, therefore don’t give a fiddlers pluck about the rights of firearms owners because it doesn’t affect them personally.

    In spite of waiting periods, background checks, government forms, etc., guns today are too readily available, which is responsible for school shootings. In the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s,
    anyone could buy guns at hardware stores, army surplus stores, Sears and Eatons mail order, no waiting, no background check, no government forms and there were no school shootings.

    Oh and by the way I had to re-register a rifle….

  4. Hey let’s just say this the goverment will always find the easy way to twist the hounest man /woman outa ther hard earnd money an ther hard earnd fun !! But like always ! The dumb ppl in ther perty litle offices forgot the most important thing of all !! GUNS DON’T KILL PEPOLE !!!! PEPOLE KILL PEPOLE !!!!

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