Something interesting happened on CBC Radio this morning: spending cuts or tax increases

I believe it was the 7:oo am news cycle when the CBC started carrying a interview they did with a bank Conference Board economist  who argued that the Cons were going to have to make some hard program spending choices when it came to getting the 60 billion deficit under control.  And that  was that.  I of course wondered why the bank Conference Board economist had failed to mention the possibility of raising taxes.  I further wondered why the CBC had missed this rather obvious side of the fiscal equation?  And I further wondered why the CBC keeps going to bank private sector economists for a balanced presentation of the issues?

Fortunately, by the 8:00 am cycle someone had intervened and the end of the clip with the economist was amended with “and or which taxes will have to be increased”

Update:  At 10:00am the CBC went back to just replaying a clip from the interview without the editorial interjection in the end.  Apparently the CBC believes that the question of the deficit is just about program cuts.  Too bad for them given they are a program.

3 thoughts on “Something interesting happened on CBC Radio this morning: spending cuts or tax increases

  1. This program cuts idea will suit the conservatives to a tee. They’ll start by cutting back on all kinds of social programs, especially those that support “left wing fringe groups” and hit healthcare. We are so fucked…..

  2. I, too, was listenning this morning, and I thought I heard the choice was either to cut spending (they mentioned international aid as a target) or raise taxes. Then he said he doubted they could raise taxes much. Maybe I am wrong.

  3. No, you are right Julie but that was the 8:00 am cycle. At 7 and 10 no mention of tax increases. In the original interview there was not any mention by the CB economist of tax increases…just painful choices to be made on program cuts.

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