Watching Warren Spin

My first love has always been Canadian politics.  Maybe that is because I grew up in a politically active family.  Once upon a time Warren was a reliable spinner, in fact, content to the side, I would have put his spinning in Olympic contention.  But alas he seems rusty, or somewhat absent.  How many times can you open the door wide open?  You don’t go in with double virgin guns blazing when your boss has been known to be more than a little promiscuous  on the torture file.  The first rule of spin is turn a weakness into a strength.  Kineslla, in the clip 5 minute mark, does the exact opposite: he turns a weakness into trojan horse for the other-side.  I mean if you are going to go on national television and think your Con counterpart has not does his homework and is not looking for an opportunity to point out your guys views on torture then you are either AWOL or suffer from an un-earned hubris.  I would go with the latter…it is the Achilles heel of liberals.  But the point is this,  it need not have gone like that.   Warren could have turned his leaders weakness into a strength by simply arguing that his leader understood the need for tough measures in tough times but that such measures had to nonetheless fall inside the rule of law.  It is exactly the failure of the Cons to do so that is the issue.  Then leave it to your opponent to explain in four words or less what the difference between strong interrogation techniques an torture is.

Now of course if the NDP were there both rationalizations would look exactly as they were.  But that was not the stage.