Oh my! Krugman jumps ship

Judging by Krugman’s online post today Same as he Ever Was, he has jumped off the good ship Obama. If Krugman is gone then that means a hole ship load of progressive activists are too (not that Paul leads them but rather is a bell weather of sorts). Watch demobilised progressives sit out the next congressional cycle and then the next presidential race. The republicans have won the day and perhaps the field through no merit of their own.

Same As He Ever Was

These days quite a few people are frustrated with President Obama’s failure to challenge conservative ideology. The spending freeze — about which the best thing you can say in its favor is that it’s a transparently cynical PR stunt — has, for many, been the final straw: rhetorically, it’s a complete concession to Reaganism.

But why should we be surprised? Here’s one from the vault. Two years ago, I was deeply frustrated with Obama’s apparent endorsement of the Reagan myth.

There was a lot of delusion among progressives who convinced themselves, in the face of clear evidence to the contrary, that Obama was a strong champion of their values. He wasn’t and isn’t……

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