Link Blast: tuesday night must read items

Over at the PEF we can read inter alia how Canada sold the farm again to get…well…almost exactly nothing.

Over at Naked Capitalism we get a succinct commentary about how finance does more devastating harm then noble good.

Over at Worthwhile Canadian we get…um…a defence of sorts of conservative fiscal policy starting with…um…Mulroney. Got to love the potential GDP: indeed that is where we potentially live. Perhaps the polls are down or Tuesday is a slow day.

Meanwhile Krugman is busy continuing with his siege on the Euro. I am starting to wonder if he is short and not as in Robert Reich.

Speaking of Get Shorty, Robert Reich, the 22nd Secretary of Labor in the US, is busy worrying about Obamanomics. Just the phrase repels. Oh well like Gordon we all service a master.

Over at EconoSpeak they are busy wondering if there exists a new momentum or a new ideological opening in economics departments. Meanwhile I am wondering if the proverbial pig can fly.

And just to troll the gutter to finish this link blast let us check in with Brad Delong. What is on his weighted brain today? High economic development theory as illustrated by Paul Krugman. There is too much wash to be done inter alia. Save to say a pin factory is not the essence of capitalist development: it is a consequence not the cause. Capitalism is not caused by the increasing social division of labour. An intensification of the social division of labour may or may not accompany capitalism. Feudal India had an incredibly complex social division of labour yet not capitalism. Brad is smart enough to know better but ideologically entrenched enough to not give a shit. Shame.


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