Reform of the Century? US Health Care

To my mind the most interesting aspect of the health care debate south of the border is just how far off the actual legislation was from the rhetorical flourishes and hubris.

Paul Krugman thinks the fact that Markets Yawned is evidence of just how crazy those to the right of him are. What he misses of course is that the Yawn betrays just how little was really accomplished. Between the hyperbolic claims of Stalinistic socialism and the hubris of “Reform of the Century” what the actual legislation would seemingly indicate is just how impossible it is to get good coherent legislation drafted in the US. The markets yawned because they seem pretty convinced it is more or less business as usual in US health care.

The over the top rhetoric may produce good sound bites for the coming elections but they really do serve to mask the degree to which the US political system is almost completely captured by big, especially myopic and above all rich private interests. That all the political actors want to engage in theatrical spectacle is more than a little telling.

3 thoughts on “Reform of the Century? US Health Care

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  2. I lived in the usa for a long time and, believe me, the last thing anybody in politics, especially obama and company, wants is a real overhaul of the healthcare system. You guys have no clue as to the size of the “contribution” checks these clowns get. What you can get on public record is only a small percentage of what actualy crosses their palms from the pharma and insurance giants that, along with monster-oil cos. and megabanks, actually control the u.s. government and have since 1913. Both parties over there have been bought and paid for for decades now. Anybody thinking or expounding differently is as naive as those who think the cheque is in the mail and they won’t cum in your mouth or knows better and is just lying to ya! This was nothing more than political kabuki to keep the “little people” from completely going berserk and actually electing officials who might really do something with the interests of the unwashed masses in mind. The days of the Aristocrats have come back in full force in the u.s. They, and if we’re not damned careful now we, will never again see any type of choice in any of their “national” affairs and it doesn’t matter whose side they’re on. There’s only one real “party” over there and it’s got everything to do with who gots the most cash. Amen.

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