Anecdote de jour

Anecdote by Centime

A friend of mine–a philosopher– having left his teaching position in the U.S to return to his native Addis Ababa found a commotion in his neighbourhood one evening. A semi-urbanized peasant family discovered that their donkey had given birth to a useless thing. Inquiring, what the philosopher found was that the new born donkey was a sight to behold–it had pretty eyes and adorable ears but this was precisely because the baby donkey was an albino–useless as a beast of burden. Why keep such a thing alive? Why would God spite us in this way, the peasant family asked? My friend took the albino home, named it Sunshine and kept her in his garage. Sunshine would only feed at the hour when day tuned into night, and just before the night turned into day. The only colours she would know are cyan. My friend also kept the same feeding hours as the donkey, but always accompanied with a bottle of vodka. Love is a kind of impossibility. But that is no reason to not feed sunshine!

In an agrarian country, beasts of burden resemble the way the souls of the people bend. “Beautiful is the sun. Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people.”

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