On thinking and conclusions

Mr. Krugman has recently come to be gobsmacked that any well trained economist could sign this; he will then go onto say that the training of the economists in question is in question given their track record. Not satisfied Krugman has now twice called on well trained economists to respond to this nonsense. Problem is that Mr. Mankiw already did and this is what he had to say.

For those who do not get the reference I will spare you an explanation of the school boy antics and just say that this is not the first time Mr. Mankiw has observed the royal prerogative that if thinking brings you to the wrong conclusion: don’t do it.

And thus Mr. Mankiw is here by bestowed jack-ass of the year award.

Funny I thought the jack-ass was the symbol for the democrats.


Mr. Mankiw has officially stated his tepid support for QEII. A small ray of hope in otherwise dismal state of affairs.

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