Can You Create a Job for Less than $210,000?

Are you a small business person who needs help financing a solid business plan? Can you get viable within 7 years and 1.4 million in free funding? Can you promise to create at least one additional job that will self-fund after 7 years? If you answered yes to these questions then you could single handedly double the efficiency of the Conservative government’s new job creation plan and save the government 3 billion a year after 7 years.

If the answer is yes send the Federal government your proposal. The total cost for using CIT cuts as a jobs creation program will cost the federal government 21 billion dollars over 7 years. The best and shiniest of lipstick that can be put on this pig is an estimate that 100,000 jobs will be created over that same 7 years as a direct result of CIT cuts from 16.5% – 15%. That works out to a cost of 210,000 per job created.

For the love of the good, give me 200,000 for one year and I will employ myself and one other person and be viable by year two.

One thought on “Can You Create a Job for Less than $210,000?

  1. Brilliant. Add to that the unprecedented deficit generated by the Cons and compare that to the number of jobs created – part-time, lower demographic, low wage, shovel-in-ground type of jobs – and you’ll prove your point even more.

    Finally, how about the $16 billion (and counting) on jets that may or may not be built here? Or what about the $10 billion (and counting) for an unwanted prison program to make Canada into a security state and not a secure state?

    My guess-timate would be that we’re getting a maximum of 200,000 people employed by a spend of upwards to $100 billion.

    $500,000 per job. Now THAT’S rich!!

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