2 thoughts on “Ministry of Information now defending itself with live fire reports AJ

  1. From NYT:
    In another central Cairo square on Saturday a soldier in camouflage addressed a crowd through a bullhorn declaring that the army would stand with the people.
    “I don’t care what happens,” the soldier said. “You are the ones who are going to make the change.” The crowd responded, “The army and the people will purify the country.”

    I suppose “purify” gives more than one possible sense of direction, but I can’t say it makes me optimistic….

  2. Depends. I think here purify is more like atonement a cleansing of the national soul and not in the sense of there will be blood. Properly put, I do not think either Tunisia or now Egypt are revolutions but rather more like a spring cleaning among the ruling classes instigated by the masses. If that ends with democratic reform, greater independence for civil society in terms of the press, trade unions etc., then it might be fairly read as the beginning of a revolutionary process.

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