Reading economists is fun: sort of

Krugman has a post up where he promises that he won’t comment on Egypt because he just can’t get his around their economy.  But he nonetheless feels free to wax and then wane on comparative revolution and ideology.  Cause you know that is just Astrology and thus anyone can play.


O.K., ground control to major Krugman, nationalism is an ideology.  The form nationalism is taking in Egypt is this: we are a strategically important company and resource rich so why are trapped in a poverty spiral?  Whoa good thing it is not ideological hey.  And who the @#$% has attempted to frame this as: we Egyptians want to be Sweden aside from Krugman.  Paul you might not be in Davos but you sure are talking like you are in Davos.  Is this cocktail chatter with your dinner guests?

Between what economists get precisely wrong within in their own speciality and broadly and specifically wrong outside of it, one could be forgiven for wondering what they do with such an embarrassment of intellectual riches.

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