Why I hate filing taxes 2010 edition

It is not that I hate paying taxes. This, I accept, as the cost of civilisation. What I hate is the endless stream of hiccups. Let me recount them.

1) Turbotax formerly known as Quicktax. Nice product pity about the error messages.

No, I never said I had medical expenses .

No, I never claimed to be a status Indian.

Yes my initial is valid.

2.) Constipated federalism (Quebec edition).

Not one but two “national” revenue services.

Not one but two taxable incomes (same income different number).

Not one but two different bureaucratic procedures to make a simple change of address request.

Not one but two tax forms to file.

3.) Browser Crash.

Start again.

4.) File electronically save trees.

Get audited later.

5.) Filing for both your spouse and yourself.

File not two but four different tax returns for two individuals. Double the nationalities double the trouble. Ah the federalism I have come to call distinct.

Cause turmoil in your couple while searching for their documents.

Cause turmoil in your couple while helping them change their address and telephone number with the two “national” revenue agencies.

Cause further turmoil when asked “honey what did I say on line 199 of 2008s return?”

6.) Think about divorce and decide that you do not want to encourage further headaches with the two “national” revenue services for 2011.

7.) Wait 60 days for four letters demanding documentation for the electronic filing : Kill trees initially saved.

8.) Understand that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

9.) Get drunk, wake up with a hangover and a sense of satisfaction that 6 hours of your life is completely lost and it was not because of the alcohol.

10.) Drive to work and crack rim on a massive pothole; then take deepest breath ever so as not to become a right-wing tax hater.


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