Brad Wall: Quebec citizens are not real voters

In my last post I noted Tom Flanagan’s argument that responsible government was a mere convention to be trifled with. Browsing the CBC I see we have another prominent conservative who has jumped the the shark. Brad Wall, the Premier of Sask., weighed in on the question of a coalition by saying:

“The notion that Mr. Ignatieff may choose to not recognize the democratic result of the election and may try to seize power with the support of the other parties, including a party dedicated to the breakup of Canada, is offensive to me and I believe, to most fair-minded Canadians. Voters should choose the government, not separatist MPs.” (emphasis added).

Are prominent conservative trying to provoke a civil war? Seriously.

3 thoughts on “Brad Wall: Quebec citizens are not real voters

  1. It continues to infuriate me that Tom Flanagan has not even been charged with the serious crime he committed on CBC in full view of the world. Worse, that supposedly reputable media outlets continue to hang on his words.

    Quebec citizens are in fact “real voters.” Perhaps if we stopped listening to people like Flanagan and began treating Quebec as an equal part of Canada, and began working to make this a truly bilingual country, we wouldn’t have the specter of separation hovering over us.

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