NDP Government?

If the NDP were to get the second most votes is it safe to assume that the Liberals would support the NDP? Strategically speaking would not the Liberals be better to back the Cons? Discuss.


3 thoughts on “NDP Government?

  1. I think that NDP minority at this time could be a disaster for the NDP because the deck is definitely stacked against it in terms of corporate media and corporate power in general. Corporations and their minions would go to great lengths to ensure that the NDP failed to prove to voters that it is folly to resist capital power. Furthermore, I have no doubt that when push came to shove the Liberals would be much closer to the Conservatives than to the NDP. The Liberals are the ones that properly entered Canada on this new era of Corporatism with the Budgets of Paul Martin. Fair tax policies, stronger CPP, proper adherence to the Canada Healthcare Act, some effort on global warming, the Liberal party has no interest in any of these things. They simply want to create the appearance that they have in order to pretend to be a centrist party. But I can’t see the Liberals supporting an NDP budget that includes these things. The real alliances would become very clear very quickly.

    The NDP needs to be the official opposition party for a few years against a majority government in order to subtly swing public opinion toward a more just economy. Maybe then they could have some success in government.

    Either way, I just don’t think it is going to be an issue because I would be very surprised if these seat projections that put them in second place really pan out. But we shall see.

  2. I am the view that corporate Canada would lean very hard on the Cons and the Libs to settle their differences and form a grand coalition of some sort. While I agree with your blog post about the NDP internalizing neoliberalism, the extent of shirt tearing over the 2005 Liberal-NDP budget deal leads me to believe that the possibility of an NDP government is an anathema to corporate Canada, and that steps would be taken to prevent it.
    Whether that is the better strategy for the Libs, I’m not sure. They might be better to prop up an NDP minority, rebuild their finances, and then try to position themselves as the “competent economic partner” in what will be a period of austerity.

    • I think the libs would be in DIYD-DIYD position. Getting left of centre parties to deliver austerity is by now a staple of corporate strategy. With a couple of libs in the mix I think they could hold their noses. Although your instinct that they are irrationally reactionary when it comes to the NDP is dead on.

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