Efficient Market Hypothesis, the corporate bond sales pitch and rationality

If the EMH were true then would this sales pitch be a lie? This pitch says that they can pick winners and can avoid losers. Does the EMH imply that winners cannot be persistently picked and losers consistently avoided? Does the EMH further imply that fundamental research is worthless? If fundamental research is worthless then why pay for it? Are investors irrational?

NB There is no sarcasm in these questions.

One thought on “Efficient Market Hypothesis, the corporate bond sales pitch and rationality

  1. Dude, you could be doing a job like that, and you’re stuck at Laval?
    It occurred to me today that the entirety of the bourgeois form of economic domination could be easily summarized as the – sometimes unconscious, sometimes consciously manipulative – identification of planning for work-task-goal to come with the work-task-goal itself. So – we are planning to cover our asses from the next financial tsunami, therefore we have covered our asses, because planning to cover your ass is the same thing as covering it. This is the myopia that is destroying the planet.

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