The Jackass de-Generation

What a disgusting generation.  It would be one thing if they could get out of bed and hit the barricades to defend their fellows but sadly no.  What brings this generation of Canadians to the streets of fire is not social injustice or a principled stand but wait for it: their inability to control their disappointment at loosing what is after all a sporting event.


2 thoughts on “The Jackass de-Generation

  1. It’s not the generation — IT’S THE SPORT!!!! What do you expect from a game that still glorifies violence, and pays only the most minor of lip service to life-endangering injuries. It’s a game designed to entertain yobs, we sell beer to those yobs, it’s a big commercial success, and then we’re surprised when they behave like yobs? Yes, the game does appeal to other groups, but the Bobby Clobber 16-34 year old male is targeted especially.

    • Maybe, but I have crossed that generational divide and I just can’t imagine getting it up for a hockey game then or now.

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