Mankiw’s students walk out

So about ten percent of Mankiw’s students figured out that Mankiw is a neoliberal. Harvard students should have known that by grade six. Better late then never I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Mankiw’s students walk out

  1. A neo-liberal! Heaven forfend.

    10% of the students felt their views were so superior to the professor’s that they could no longer tolerate being taught by him. And 90% of the students stayed in their seats to receive an education.

    When the students left, I hope Mankiw locked the door so the students couldn’t get back in.

    • My point was if they did know he was a neoliberal before they took his class then they were not that bright well informed. Presumably the 90% who stayed knew what they looking for. Interestingly Mankiw’s view of perfect information was thus found to be wanting 10% of the time.

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