I can’t spell: the phonetic problem with homonyms

I can’t, and it has gotten worse.  Sure I used to get my i’s and e’s backwards frequently but the difference between there and their or lose and loose almost never.  It is now a pathological subterfuge on my part.  I can only beg my readers’ forgiveness.  Technically, though, I don’t think I am having spelling problems because I am spelling the wrong word correctly.  Something deeper has gotten fried.  I wonder if it is the French language training and immersion.  Perhaps it is a deep reversion to phonetics.

Thanks for the comment on the last post.

2 thoughts on “I can’t spell: the phonetic problem with homonyms

  1. Damn, I was hoping it was the French or the ABV rating on my liquids intake. The science says learning another language slows the ageing problem. Another statistically true and individually false morceaux of science.

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