Attempted relaunch of RPPE

Well its been about 5 years since I have made a post to this blog, and a bit more than 3 years since I tried. Young family stress, new career stress, new language and culture stress, alienation, deep disappointment with how the world works, deep disappointment with how I was working all of which eventually led to full on burn out – clinical depression, entre autre.  Sometimes the only option is a full on retreat; particularly from an uncontrolled exposure to the public…which is the internet.

In that regard the fact that I have emerged some 6 years later with a scant internet history; no face book page, no twitter feed, and no blog posts is probably a good thing.  I already had a fairly dark, non-normie mind before the depression and I do not think blogging, or FBing, or Twitting through it would have been a good deal for anyone: the public playground is a rough and tumble place.

All that said, I am ready to try, once again, in a limited fashion, to make a couple public interventions via this blog.  I have committed to make my posts mostly from the point of view of heterodox economics and politics (yes political science has its own homodoxy; albeit less hegemonic).  Upon 6 years of reflection I do not think there is much use in trying to dialogue with homodoxy: all the intra paradigm debates are well known, all the inter paradigm inconsistencies are well documented and for 80% of the cargo cult the Cool-Aide tastes just fine thanks.

Imma write my blog posts for those that know the Cool-Aide is poison and for those that at least suspect a good bit of the mix is toxic.


Please note much of the full content on 2012 posts was permanently lost.  What can I say it was the beginning of my end.



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