Father of Humboldt Broncos player Evan Thomas invites everyone

Alright 16 hockey players got dead: 16 people. Sixteen young, highly skilled in their job, people died.  You can try and put words to it, try and put resources—money and time—to making them people you know. You can interview their host families, you can interview the towns’ people and you can follow their funeral, you can try to bring them alive—to make them matter.

OK. I am sorry they died. I am sorry for the people around them.  I am empathetic to the suffering of loss.  16 people are dead they will never be here again, their lives don’t matter. They are gone.

Now, I can walk and chew a stick of gum at the same time. There is no doubt that people matter.  Your life matters to me.  And so does every other life on the planet. If you don’t agree than you’re a bigot.

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