Getting radical about Canadian debt levels and servicing facilities: Let Canadians tap on the window of the Bank of Canada

There has been some considerable ink spilled over Canadian consumer debt to income ratios (I am not providing the links; that is why god invented google). I am one of these rare (in the aggregate but not rare) Canadians which has a debt to income ration of around 70%. The down side, for both me […]

Lunacy on Loonie spreads to the Department of Finance via the Bank of Canada

At some point we are going to have to throw in the towel and conclude that there is a concerted effort to promulgate the noble lie.  It was one thing when the business press argued that the BOC faced technical limits to their capacity to retrench the value of the Canadian dollar, and yet another […]

Forget the Bank of Canada: We need an INVITE program to stem appreciation of the CDN Dollar.

If what we are worried about is an overvalued CDN dollar which is caused by speculative flows then why the focus on the Bank of Canada?  Exchange rates are not really in the BOC’s mandate.  Sure in the case where an appreciating CDN dollar is causing further deflationary pressures it could be argued that exchange […]

Bank of Canada in Favour of Nationalization of Mortgage and Insurance Sectors

Travis Fast, Taking the suggestion of Stephen Gordon, a practicing social scientist in the sub-discipline of economics, who runs a blog about economics I decided to check out what the Bank of Canada thinks about the unfolding global financial crisis.  Gordon has a point: what could politicians possibly know about finance and the appropriate public […]

Canadian Central Bankers Past and Present: IgNoble Truths

What an odd week. David Dodge wants an adult conversation about tax levels and the quality of public services. This clearly runs afoul of the conservative meme that less is always more. But the big show- stopper had to be Carney’s remarks on Canada’s abysmal productivity record. Carney bluntly argued that the business community had […]

Krugman should talk to the CD Howe about Canadian Banking policy

Canadians’ need to be mentioned south of the border will probably find some glee in Krugman’s musings on the Canadian policy conversation. But as edifying as it is to be talked about in such a positive light by such a luminary as Paul Krugman and under the New York Times flagstaff no less; is Krugman […]

Macroeconomic policy; Canada: Some interesting observations from the RGE monitor

Nouriel Roubinni makes several interesting observations in today’s RGE newsletter.  First off his research team made a survey of the countries that preformed the best during the Financial Crisis and then summarized what these different national cases shared in common.  Almost all the shared characteristics indicate a macroeconomic profile (in terms of both policy and […]