Cutting through bullshit with a particle beam

Sometimes trolling through the comments section on other blogs is a pleasure. Especially so when it is a blog (and the only blog) I have been banned from. From time to time you read a comment that is so apt, such an elegant summary of the real matter at hand, that you just can’t help but say to yourself, through a tear stained laughter, damn that is spot on. So without further introduction here is said commentary lifted from the comments section over at WCI:

Greg Mankiw compares the current tax system to a hypothetical zero tax system.

To make it a fair comparison, one should wonder what would be the working opportunities for M. Mankiw in a state of total anarchy without any public infrastructure, police, public education, public health agency,…
My best guest is that M. Mankiw would be a peasant giving a part of his crop to the local warlord for protection…

Posted by: Mercure | October 12, 2010 at 08:33 PM

Sounds about right.

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